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Whats come in your mind ?
  • How did Wonder Lazer get its name?

    The true origin of the word “Wonder Lazer” is a mystery known only to our founders. If someone asks you where the name came from, just make something up. That’s what we do.

    Who makes Wonder Lazer?

    So many great people! They include CEO, our executive team and our  staff. Together we support a community of millions of creative businesses and their customers.

    Can I get customized wooden keychain?

    Yes. Sure, we will provide you product according to your requirements.

    Can I get best quality product?

    Here we are providing you the best wooden quality of product. Product which we provide that are long lasting.

    Can I get Engraved wooden Keychains?

    Yes. We also make wooden engraved keychain for our customers according to there design

    How can I get more idea about a product ?

    You can get touched with us by sending mail on:  , on your question will get reply.

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