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As we grow, commitment to our mission remains at the core of our identity. It is woven into the decisions we make for the long-term health of our ecosystem, from the sourcing of our office supplies to our employee benefits to the items sold in our marketplace.


To believe in tomorrow and consider today. With our actions speaking louder than words, we are recognized as industry leaders for both the dedication to the quality of our products and our environmental commitments.


Be consistent and fair. Act with integrity, honesty and respect. Continually improve people, products, services and systems. Implement ideas and develop solutions to problems with deliberate speed. Drive for consensus, keep teams focused, stay energized and push for progress.

Founded in 2001, wonder lazer India’s largest wooden Keychains manufacturer and engravers was incorporated with the belief to provide Excellent engraving quality in the field of tourist’s souvenirs and corporate gift items, We specialize in manufacturing of wooden Keychains and engraving and wooden desktop accessories and writing instruments.

Over the year company blossomed into India’s Largest Wooden Manufacturer with around installed capacity to manufacture and engrave 5,00,000 pcs a  month. This was achieved through a dedicated Team force and Latest American Universal machines.Today with the vision and guidence the CEO Mr. Abbas Penwala, The Company is reaching new peaks year after year.


    Quality is best measured with a view outward to the customer, inward to employees, and cross functionally within the organization. At Quality Assured Manufacturing Inc., it denotes a commitment to excellence and superior outcomes, and is reflected in our products, services, employees, and business practices.


    At Quality Assured Manufacturing Inc., we say what we mean and do what we say.  We act with unconditional honesty, respect, and courtesy at all times.


    We believe in accepting responsibility and the consequences, and taking ownership while embracing common goals, teamwork, and collaborative decision-making.


    We work in a collaborative environment where team success takes precedence over individual achievement and where we encourage new ideas and practices without judgment or criticism. Our success will come from focused strategic growth with a team and strategic partners that share our values.

India's Largest Specialist Manufacturer Of Wooden Keychains and Laser Engravers